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First-Generation Citizen Accepted Into All 8 Ivies, Chooses Yale

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kwasi Enin, whose parents immigrated to the United States from Ghana in the 1980s, was accepted into all eight Ivy League colleges this Spring. With an SAT score of 2250 out of a possible 2400, Enin has settled on Yale. A high school student from suburban Shirley, New York, the 17-year-old will join the Eli class of 2018.

The rarity of Enin’s accomplishment was underscored by the media frenzy accompanying the news of his acceptance at the eight Ivies – and by the press conference at which he announced his decision. The national media attention Enin garnered for his smarts was of the type typically reserved for highly recruited athletes.

Enin had been considering Yale all along, but it was a campus visit that clinched his decision. According to Associated Press, Enin told reporters, "I met geniuses from all across the world and everyone there was so friendly and inviting and the residential college system there is just wonderful for each student."
The national press was attracted to Enin’s story after his acceptance into the Ivies, as well as a handful of New York state colleges. Since his accomplishment was made public, Enin made a cameo on the "Late Show With David Letterman," and was the topic of a jibe during "Saturday Night Live's" Weekend Update segment.

Studies have demonstrated that children of immigrants tend to perform better academically than many of their peers. Enin is an extreme example of such phenomenon. However, the Long Island teen’s talents extend well beyond straight academics. On his application essay to the Ivy League schools, the Long Island teenager wrote passionately about his love for music, although his intention is to someday go to medical school and become a physician. Enin noted at his press conference that he sensed that passion would be sated at Yale. According to Associated Press, he said, "I believe that their deep appreciation and love for music, like I have, was very critical for me deciding to go there."

Enin was also accepted at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania.

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